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Brothers (TV Series)

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Luxembourg / Greece / Cyprus

Language: English / Greek / Luxembourgish

Showrunner: Simon Farmakas

Genre: Crime Political Thriller

Producers: Deal Productions, Blonde (Gr)

Supported by: MEDIA Creative Europe, Ekome (Gr)

Developed with: Mediterranean Film Institute

Status:  Writing

When a man is found dead inside the UN controlled no man’s land that divides Cyprus, a Greek Cy- priot and a Turkish Cypriot detec- tive are forced to collaborate to solve the mystery.

More infos:

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Simon Farmakas is an award-winning Cypriot-British writer and film director. He lives in Luxembourg since 2014.

“Sunrise in Kimmeria” (2018), his debut feature film won the “Best Cypriot Film” award at the Cyprus FDIF, the “Best Director Award” at the 17th Nachalo FF in St. Petersburg, Russia, “Best Film” at the 20th Lucania FF in Italy, and the “Audience Award” at the 4th Sacramento Film & Arts Festival in the US.

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