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The Wolf, the Fox & the Leopard

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Feature film | The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Croatia, Taïwan

Director: David Verbeek

Produced by: Lemming Film 

Co-Produced by: Deal Productions, Feline Films, Nukleus, Flash Forward Entertainment

Genre: Dystopian drama

Status: Post-Production

The Wolf, the Fox & the Leopard is a dystopian story about Isa who has been found living amongst the wolves. She is brought back to a medical centre only to be kidnapped by a couple of extremists in order to build a new, purer world. A story about strength, faith and the ability to create an alternate reality.

About the Director:

David Verbeek is a Dutch filmmaker whose work is recognised internationally. His previous films - including SHANGHAI TRANCE, R U THERE and FULL CONTACT - were successfully screened at several festivals (including Cannes, Toronto and IFFR) and received many nominations and awards.

His latest project DEAD & BEAUTIFUL premiered at IFFR in early February 2021 and also screened in the Netherlands at the Imagine Film Festival, Film by the Sea and the Netherlands Film Festival, where the film received a nomination for best Production Design (Elsje De Bruijn). The film screened in Dutch cinemas and was shown at festivals worldwide, both regular festivals and genre festivals; such as Sitges and Fantastic Film Fest. The film has been sold to Shudder (genre VOD platform, subsidiary of AMC) and was released theatrically in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the film has so far been sold to Taiwan, China, South Korea, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey, among others.


David has been involved part-time as a director on a major Taiwanese video game (Silent Hill), an interesting and also logical step in his career. The steps he is currently accumulating in terms of storytelling, how to connect with the audience and technical knowledge in terms of visuals and motion capturing are highly relevant to the realisation of THE WOLF, THE FOX AND THE LEOPARD.

Watch the trailer of:

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