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TV Series | Luxembourg / Germany

Language: English

Genre: Grounded Sci-Fi, Thriller

Producers: Deal Productions, Rise Pictures (De)

Based on: Hologrammatica by Tom Hillenbrand

Status:  In Development

"It is the end of the 21st century and Galahad Singh works as a so-called Quaestor in London. His job consists of locating missing people. And there happen to be a lot of them. The catastrophic consequences of climate change provoked mass migrations and nation states have ceased to exist. Further complicating the situation technologies like the Holonet and Mind-Uploading allow people to change their appearance and create new identities in radical ways."

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Tom Hillebrand - Novelist

His novels and non-fiction titles have been featured on both the Spiegel and Zeit bestseller lists. His books sold over 600,000 copies (as per January 2018).

His latest book Hologrammatica deals with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In September 2019, the book has received the German Science Fiction Prize sponsored by the SFCD.

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