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He Made the Stars Also

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 15.49.26.png

Feature film | UK / Lux

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama

Language: English

Director: Heidi Greensmith

Producers: Deal Productions, Northern Stories (U.K.)

Status: Financing

He Made the Stars Also tells the incredible story of a 12 year old boy with an exceptional talent. When his idyllic life by the sea is thrown into chaos by a move to the city his young mother attempts to mitigate his broken dreams as they collide with the practicalities of a family’s upheaval, stirring up their past and threatening their future.

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Heidi’s debut feature film WINTER was nominated for seven awards including Best Screenplay, winning four including Best Director, Best Drama and Best Actor at NYCIFF. Winter also received a Discovery award BIFA nomination and has theatrical releases in many countries.

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