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DEAL PRODUCTIONS is a Luxembourg-based production company engaged in the development, financing, packaging and production of independently produced motion pictures and TV programs in all media worldwide. 


Our mandate is to deliver high-quality, broadly commercial products with a feminine touch. Our editorial line is that good scripts make great films, with a profound belief that to collaborate on a project there has to be a real meeting of minds on a human level. 


Founded by Désirée Nosbusch and Alexandra Hoesdorff, our team consists of individuals whose backgrounds include years of experience crafting deals and working successfully with Warner Bros., Disney, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, ABC, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Constantin Film, CLT-UFA, RTL, Premiere and Tele 5.


Deal is currently in development and production on a slate of feature films supported by the Luxembourg Film Fund in conjuction with internationally acclaimed talent, financiers, co-producers and sales agents. 

Deal Productions has been supported by MEDIA Creative Europe for a Slate Funding in 2019.

"High quality

international content

with a feminine touch"

Deal Productions is a member of:

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