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Television presenter and actress, Désirée Nosbusch has directed her first short film in the U.S. in 2003 - Ice Cream Sunday, starring Tippi Hedren.  She received the Gold Award for Best Short Direction at the World Festival Houston, and the Gold Award for Best Short Drama at the Fargo Film Festival.  


Feature film | Luxembourg / Netherlands / U.K.

Language: English

Director: Désirée Nosbusch

Genre: Drama (based on a play)

Producer: Deal Productions

Co-Producer: Phanta Film (NL), Studio Hamburg (UK)

With the support of: Film Fund Luxembourg, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive

Status:  Post-Production

Starring:  Tim Roth, Trine Dyrholm

In POISON we encounter a man and a woman who are seeing each other again for the first time in nine years at the cemetery where their only child is buried.